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Enjoy this great info. from post-op sleeve gastrectomy patient Debbie Crossman. Thanks Deb!!!!

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone! Yours In Health, Janet Who doesn’t enjoy eating out? Whether for the atmosphere, ethnic foods, quiet time, stress relief or no clean-up, most people enjoy it. I thought it would be near impossible to eat out AND have a good time, post surgery. How wrong was I?  It is just … Continue reading

Thank you to De…

Thank you to Debbie Crossman for researching info. on protein worth sharing with all of you.  The recipes are great too!  Enjoy! Yours in Health, Janet Protein is very important for healing after surgery and to prevent loss of lean muscle (which burns more calories than fat, even at rest!) How Protein Increases Metabolism … Continue reading

8/17/12 Post: …

8/17/12 Post:  This month we would like to start sharing posts from post-op patients who have a great deal of wonderful experiences to share with all of you!  The knowledge they have obtained can only be helpful to those of you who are still contemplating bariatric surgery or are continuing your pre-op journey.  Enjoy this … Continue reading