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Food Shopping After Bariatric Surgery

There are two types of people in this world, those who like grocery shopping and those who don’t. Regardless, it’s something that has to get done in order to design a healthy week ahead. So here are some tips for your next supermarket visit to help you choose nutrient-dense foods, stay within your budget, and … Continue reading

How To Support Someone Having Bariatric Surgery

How can I support them in their decision? Be sensitive and understand that this decision is not easy. The person you care about has thought about it carefully. This surgery is a choice. However, it may be the only way to treat severe obesity and the other health problems that come with it. Ask the … Continue reading

Flattering Your New Body: 7 Tips for Clothes Shopping After Weight Loss

Significant weight loss is a major accomplishment, whether you’ve lost it naturally or through weight loss surgery. Each pound you shed and inch you lose is a reason to celebrate. Buying new clothes after weight loss surgery is an exciting part of losing weight, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming and often expensive. Here are … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions re. Bariatric Surgery

How long after surgery will I have to be out from work? –          Most patients return to work in 1-2 weeks. –           You will have low energy for a while after surgery and may need to take it easy your first week back. –          Your surgeon will give you clear instructions on when you can … Continue reading

Why Protein is Vital After Bariatric Surgery

The Importance of Protein After Bariatric Surgery Protein should be included in all of your meals after surgery as it provides many important benefits to weight-loss surgery patients, including: Aids in proper wound healing after surgery Helps keep your skin, hair, bones and nails healthy Helps form hormones, enzymes and immune system antibodies that help … Continue reading

Manage your cravings after weight loss surgery

Whether you are preparing for surgery or are focusing on weight loss/maintenance after surgery, food cravings can pose a challenge in your everyday life. Cravings can be the result of stress, boredom, the environment you are in, not following a proper meal schedule or other reasons. Cravings have little to do with nutrients and plenty … Continue reading

Relationship Challenges before and after Weight-loss Surgery by Walter Medlin, MD, FACS

The weight-loss surgery journey is one of the most profound changes in our lives. Following nutrition, an exercise and follow-up program may be hard work, but the most challenging daily adjustment is, “the way people treat me differently.” She burst into tears. Why? I had just walked into the hospital room, saying “your nurse tells … Continue reading

10 Essentials to Build Body Esteem

Ten Essential Lessons To Build Body Esteem

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Body Contouring (Body Lift) Tummy Tuck Breast Lift Should You Have Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss? Many people who have lost 100 pounds or more are overjoyed at their success. After losing a lot of weight, though, you still may have loose, heavy folds of skin left as a reminder of your former self. Plastic … Continue reading

Enjoying Exercise and Staying Motivated for Bariatric Surgery Patients

The successful bariatric surgery patient regularly takes part in three main activities in their life after surgery: Follows an appropriate bariatric diet plan Actively participates in weight loss surgery support groups Follows a consistent and progressive exercise routine Two of these are easier to adhere to… If you don’t follow your diet plan, you will … Continue reading